Since 1991, Jerald Gomez & Associates has been providing legal services to clients in Malaysia, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, India, China, Japan, the United Kingdom, Australia and the United States.

Our head office is in Kuala Lumpur, with associate offices in Perth, Western Australia and Melbourne, Victoria.

Our clients have vast and varied family, community and business interests in Malaysia and overseas, many of whom have been with us for years, going on to the second and third generation of family and corporate leaders.

We believe that when a matter is of concern to our client, then it is of concern to us and we will bring all our resources to the table to structure an outcome that is in our client’s best interests – by negotiation, discussion, mediation, arbitration, brainstorm sessions, round table conferences, litigation – capitalising on our strengths and experience in strategising best outcomes for our clients.

The firm’s partners, lawyers and support team have years of experience in providing winning solutions for our clients, from international joint ventures, corporate restructuring, management deadlocks, copyright or trademark protection, minority shareholder protection, property development, civil litigation or criminal defence, investigation into corporate fraud, insurance fraud, land acquisition, native title, marital or partnership breakups, custody disputes, property and maintenance, protecting and providing for a vulnerable minor, writing a will, adopting a child, creating a trust to protect family or partnership interests, buying or selling a house, getting or settling a loan, employment disputes, unlawful dismissal, accidents at work or on the road, disciplinary proceedings, to the numerous other issues that our clients may need advice and assistance on, in this journey called life.

Our lawyers also provide community service by representing needy clients on a pro bono basis under the Malaysian Bar Council’s Legal Aid Centres, conducting lectures and seminars and providing training on human rights, criminal defence, domestic violence, family law, to junior lawyers, senior police officers, criminal defence lawyers, and academics, nationally and internationally.