Shamzaini or Hisham? Spat over names as Amri inquiry continues

Sheith Khidhir Bin Abu Bakar | June 7, 2018

The dispute is over the name of a police informant who allegedly leaked information to the wife of missing activist Amri Che Mat

KUALA LUMPUR: There was a brief heated argument at the inquiry into missing Perlis activist Amri Che Mat today, when police observer R Munusamy disputed the names of two police officers mentioned by an associate of Amri.

The two names were of policemen Azam Azhari, who is allegedly involved in Amri’s disappearance, and Shamzaini Mohd Daud, who, according to Amri’s wife Norhayati Ariffin, had leaked to her details regarding Amri’s disappearance.

Faisol Abdul Rahman, who is a spokesman of Perlis Hope, the charity headed by Amri, had mentioned the name “Azam Azhari”, to which Munusamy said the name was “Azam Zahari” as noted down by Norhayati based on information from Shamzani.

“The names are the same, there is no difference in the names,” Faisol replied when he was questioned at the Human Rights Commission of Malaysia (Suhakam) inquiry into the disappearance of Amri and three others.

Munusamy then asked how Faisol had found out that the name of the informer was Shamzaini Mohd Daud, adding that Norhayati had written “Hisham Mohd Daud” in her notes.

Faisol explained that he had asked a friend at the Perlis police headquarters if there was a Hisham Mohd Daud there, but was told there was a Shamzani Mohd Daud.

“I then made a quick Google search and found his Facebook,” he said.

He said he showed the picture to his friend and established that he was the same man who approached Norhayati.

Faisol, however, refused to name the police officer who helped him to identify the informant.

Munusamy then pointed out that Norhayati and her daughter had both taken notes of their meeting with Shamzaini.

He asked Faisol whether he took notes as well, to which Faisol said he had told Norhayati of the importance of writing down everything.

But Faisol said he himself had not taken any notes.

“So that means it’s not true that taking notes of the incident is important. Agreed?” asked Munusamy.

At this point, lawyer Jerald Gomez said there was no need for Munusamy to “badger” the witness.

He said Shamzaini had filed a report denying talking to Norhayati, but had admitted meeting her on other matters.

“The police are not contesting that Norhayati and Hisham or Shamzaini met. Only the intent is in question.”

Munusamy said there was a possibility the witnesses had been coached.

“I just want to show three people cannot think alike. The evidence between the three witnesses are too similar.”

 7 June 2018- Shamzaini or Hisham? Spat over names as Amri inquiry continues