Jamie Aondaver Tang is a unique, ecstatic and can-do attitude type of individual. Having graduated from the University of London in 2013 and completing his Certificate in Legal Practice in 2019, Jamie made the right decision in 2022 to pursue his passion in general litigation, criminal litigation, immigration and the corporate law, by applying for pupillage training under Messrs Dominic Gan & Co and Messrs Rahana Zurina & Partners. There, he obtained invaluable experience that would later shape him as the indomitable barrister you may experience when he handles your case.

In between all this, Jamie has for over 6 years been deeply involved with big players such as LexisNexis and American Express where he garnered mastery over business development, fraud protection and world-class people management during his employment there.

Jamie has since been admitted as an Advocate and Solicitor of the High Court of Malaya this year, in 2023. In order to turbocharge his career to even greater heights, Jamie is currently a Legal Associate under the esteemed office of Messrs Jerald Gomez & Associates. Jamie is ready, able and cannot wait to get started with your case.