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Dato’ Jerald Gomez was a critical member of a legal team consisting of five people led by Datuk Dr Cyrus Das. The Orang Asli won this landmark decision at the High Court where, for the first time in Malaysian history, their native customary law, and their rights to traditional lands were recognized in Malaysia. In 1995, a total of 38.47 acres of land was acquired by the Malaysian Government from the orang asli in Dengkil without any compensation being paid to them. Several aboriginal houses were affected, including the Balai Adat and Balai Raya (Community Hall) as well as their crops on the land. UEM and Lembaga Lebuhraya Malaysia were ordered by the High Court to pay damages for trespass to the orang asli’s land. The Federal Court, recorded a RM6.5 million settlement for the orang asli Plaintiffs.