The firm’s general litigation practice provides services over a broad base of advisory and litigation work. The matters and legal disputes which come within the ambit of the team’s portfolio include corporate disputes, shareholder and joint venture disputes, hostile take overs, insolvency and corporate recovery, claims in contract and tort, commercial disputes, land disputes, prosecutions under various regulatory statutes including the Trade Description Act and Securities legislation, applications under the Companies Act including for capital reduction or restructuring, planning and rating appeals and land acquisition cases.

Our lawyers are also involved in the areas of public law and administrative law, which are cases in which parties adversely affected by decisions of public bodies seek to challenge such decisions by way of judicial review. The team also undertakes engagements in alternative forms of dispute resolution, other than court proceedings, including arbitration and mediation. An integral aspect of the service we provide is to advise clients on overall litigation strategy especially in complex disputes, and also to participate, lead and advise clients in any settlement negotiations.

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