The Employment Law team’s services lie in advisory and litigation work concerning all aspects of employment.

Advisory work includes advising on retrenchment and redundancy, closure and change of ownership of businesses, take-overs and mergers, assisting clients in the preparation and implementation of internal disciplinary proceedings involving the preparation of charges of misconduct and poor performance, the requisite notices, and the conduct of domestic inquiries.

The department also advises on drafting the terms and conditions of employment in respect of both individual contracts as well as employee handbooks.

The litigation practice of the department provides representation in litigation matters under the Industrial Relations Act 1967 including trade disputes, non-compliance and dismissal claims, claims for employment benefits under the Employment Act 1955 as well as matters under the Trade Unions Act 1959. The team undertakes applications for judicial review, including certiorari or mandamus, review of Industrial Court awards as well as legal challenges to the Minister’s reference under section 20 of the Industrial Relations Act 1967. The team further handles appeals to the High Court from the Labour Court under the Employment Act 1955, and is regularly appointed as appellate counsel (Court of Appeal).