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THE SUN, February 27 1999    

Fashion designer sues police and govt for unlawful arrest

KUALA LUMPUR, Friday – Fashion designer Mior Abdul Razak Yahya is suing the police and government for unlawful arrest and detention.

He is seeking a declaration that his arrest and detention infringed his basic right under the Federal Constitution.

He is also seeking RM225,000 in special damages, aggravated and exemplary damages, interest and cost.

In the suit filed by his lawyer, Jerald Allen Gomez at the Civil High Court registry in Wisma Denmark at about 11am today, Mior, 32, named CID assistant director SAC 1 musa Hassan, the Inspector-General of police and the government as first, second and third defendant.

On Sept 30, last year, former Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim was charged in the Petaling Jaya Sessions Court with performing unnatural sex with Mior in Room 758 at the PJ Hilton Hotel between 4.50pm and 5.50pm on Dec 3, 1992.

In his statement claim, Mior said that he was arrested without reasonable grounds at his business partner’s house in Taman Cempaka on Sept 19, last year.

Mior alleged he was forced to strip before a magistrate and perform lewd acts while in detention and also coerced to repeat untrue stories recorded on video tape as well as give false statements to a magistrate and solicitor of the defendants choice.

Owing to this, he suffered nervous shock, mental trauma, distress, migraine and injury to his arm, he said.

Mior said that this arrest caused him to lose his business run under the name “Mior Appareals” as well as his clients who are mainly VIPs, including former Deputy Prime Minister’s wife Datin Seri Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, the Brunei royal family and local artistes.

Mior said he was only able to relate his story to his family when he was allowed to return homr to Perak for Hari Raya last month.


NST, February 27 1999

Designer seek declaration arrest, detention were unlawful

KUALA LUMPUR, Friday – Fashion designer Mior Abdul Razak Yahya has filed a suit seeking a declaration that his arrest and detention were unlawful as they had infringed his right under the federal Constitution.

He named as defendant the Criminal Investigation Department’s deputy director SAC (1) Musa Hassan the inspector-general of police and government.

The writ of summons was filed by Messrs Jerals Gomez and Associates in the High Court (civil division) registry at Wisma Denmark on Jalan Ampang today.

Mior, 33, who was present with his lawyer Jerald  Allen Gomezis seeking compensation and damages for each and every infringement of his basic right.

These included general damages for assault and battery, injury to reputation and business, aggration damages  and special damages of RM225,000.

On Sept 30 last year, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim was charged with voluntarily committing carnal intercourse against the order of nature with Mior in a room at Petaling Jaya Hilton Hotel on Dec 3 1992.

In his suit, Mior claimed that on Sept 19 last year, the police under the direction and instruction of Musa and with the Knowledge of the IGP broke into his residence in an intimidating manner and arrested him without any reasonable ground.

Mior said his detention for the first 24 hours and/or 14 days thereafter was wrongful and without any reasonable ground.

He listed the particulars of the infringement which included the failure him immediately or within a reasonable time the grounds of his arrest.

Mior also alleged the police failed to take immediate action to inform him of the offence committed, if any, and made an arrest without a warrant.

He claimed the police who were in plain clothes, failed to identify themselves or show an authority or power and also to undergo a physical and anal examination without his consent.

He claimed he was forced to strip in front of a magistrate and another non-police personnel.

Mior alleged he was forced to perform lewd acts, adding that these details would be “forwarded” to the court.

He also alleged that he was forced to smoke and drink substances which cause his mind and body to be disturbed.

Mior claimed he was forced to repeat stories that were not true before a video camera, police personnel and a magistrate.

He also alleged he was refused an advocate  and solicitor of his own choice and forced to meet one chosen by the defendant.

Mior also listed particulars of injuries in his statement, which included nervous shock, metal trauma, distress and injury to the hand.

He claimed the actions of the police had embarrassed him and hurt his business and reputation with his clients distancing themselves from him.

The Sun & NST 27 Feb 1999 27 Feb 1999 Ch

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