Former Director Of Billion Shopping Centre Charged With 31 Counts Of Money Laundering Involving RM 2.4 Million

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Dato’ Jerald Gomez and Mr David Peter were appointed by the Managing Director and Chairman of the Billion Group to assist in the investigation and uncovering of misappropriation of the company’s funds. This resulted in the arrest and charging of two directors of the Billion Group, on 31 counts of criminal breach of trust involving RM2.4 million.

Accident Victim Awarded RM 1.1 Million By The Court Of Appeal

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Dato’ Jerald Gomez was appointed to represent an accident victim, Nauren. The mother of two was in a lorry driven by her husband and was involved in an accident on the North-South Expressway near Seremban. As a result of the accident, she sustained serious injuries and was paralyzed neck down. The defendant was held to be completely liable for the accident and the Court of Appeal awarded damages amounting to RM1.1 million to Nauren.


Nigerian Student Avoids The Death Penalty

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Dato’ Jerald Gomez represented a Nigerian college student who was charged with possession of cannabis. The accused, Ordemokpa Cornelius was charged under Section 39B(1)(a) of the Dangerous Drugs Act 1952 and Section 39B(2) of the same act which carries the death penalty if the accused is found guilty. Dato’ Jerald successfully defended the accused, who avoided the death sentence after being found not guilty of the charge of illegally distributing 5kg of cannabis.


Man Acquitted Of Two CBT Charges Involving RM 9.99 Million

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Dato’ Jerald Gomez and Mr Joshua Andran represented Alan Rajendram who was accused of misappropriating RM9.99 million from LFE Corporation Berhad’s account at Standard Chartered Bank Berhad in Jalan Ampang. After the submissions by his lawyers, the Sessions Court upheld that there was no prima facie case against Rajendran, and he was successfully acquitted of both charges.


Court Discharges Designer (Mior Abd Razak Yahya)

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Renowned fashion designer, Mior Abd Razak Yahya, who was charged with perjury over his statutory declaration denying that he was sodomised by Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, was discharged by the Court. Mior appointed Dato’ Jerald Gomez as his lawyer and was the only accused who was successful in getting a discharge amongst all the persons’ involved in the Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim trials.


Academy Fantasia Star Awarded RM 250,000 In Damages In Defemation Case Against TV3

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Jerald Gomez & Associates represented an Akademi Fantasia star, Nurullah Zawawi in a defamation suit brought against TV3. Nurul and her husband filed the suit following a statement made on TV3’s ‘Melodi’ programme, an entertainment show aired by the television station. The programme issued a statement about the status of our clients’ marriage which was defamatory. The court ordered the television station to pay RM250,000 , which consist of general, aggravated, and exemplary damages.


Land Defrauder Ordered To Pay RM 7.3 million

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Jerald Gomez & Associates were appointed as solicitors for the Plaintiff in this suit against Bank Kerjasama Rakyat Malaysia Berhad, a lawyer and three other persons. The claim involving misrepresentation, negligence, fraud and breach of trust revolved around a 10-acre parcel of land in Penang worth RM 7.5 million. Dato’ Jerald Gomez represented the Plaintiff in the High Court and the Court of Appeal. The court ordered the Defendants to pay RM 7.3 million to our client.


The Clarion – Anwar corruption trial, 1999

In September 1998 Malaysia’s former Deputy Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim was charged with four counts of committing corrupt practice by directing police to obtain statements from two witnesses, denying sexual misconduct by him. (Charges of sodomy and having an affair with the wife of one of his officials were dropped as the prosecution closed its case.) The trial continues at press time, with developments regularly in the news. Kuala Lumpur lawyer Jerald Allen Gomez, a 1994 alumnus of the Commonwealth Exchange Program, files this lawyer’s-eye-view of the proceedings.


Jan 1999

Seminar on Detention Without Trial, 1997

KUALA LUMPUR, Sun: Participants at a Bar Council seminar on human rights yesterday chaired by Jerald Gomez asked the government to review and ultimately repeal the laws which allow arrest and detention without trial and restrict the residence and movements of persons.

The argument was that such laws are contrary to the rule of law, violate human rights, had been used to repress political opposition and go against established religious, cultural and social values and norms.


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